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My JuJu Dance Fever's Sponsored Athletes

Almendra Navarrete (Chile) and Richie Torres (Argentina)

Current World salsa champions in the on2 category. Almendra Navarrete world champion in the professional soloist category and Richie Torres national champion (Argentina) in the Professional soloist category.
Richie and Almendra are in the Latin dance scene since a while with a trajectory of more than 10 years. For the last 5 years they have danced together and have achieved several professional achievements.
They have traveled through various countries of the world, competing, doing shows and giving workshops.

Currently they are one of the couples that with pride and love, represent Chile and Argentina with their Latin dance, their elegant Mambo, their energy and their passion for salsa around the world.

Kristi Hall

As a current World Champion and with more than 25 years dance experience, Kristi has achieved success winning a variety of awards and being selected for highly competitive and rigorous training programs in most styles of dance. After completing full-time dance training in 2009, Kristi began her journey in the world of Latin dance and in less than six months, Kristi entrenched herself in the Australian salsa scene. In 2014 she ranked in the top 10 in the world as a female soloist in Puerto Rico against the best Latin dancers from around the globe, and has since achieved 2nd place for samba in 2015 at the World Latin Dance Cup, 2nd place in the professional Cha Cha couples divisions in 2017 at the World Salsa Summit in Miami and 1st place for Bachata at the 2018 World Latin Dance Cup. She has trained, taught and performed throughout Australia, across Europe and in America, at events including the Hawaii Salsa & Bachata Festival, the Frankfurt Summer Festival, Hungary's BachaKizz All Stars Festival and more.

Carlos Veron 

Carlos Veron is the 2020 Vice-World Champion Professional Male Soloist in the World Salsa Summit. He is also Argentinian National Champion and has been finalists for the past few years in both the World Salsa Summit USA and Puerto Rico Salsa Open.

He is one of Argentina’s most sought-after dance coaches and choreographer’s, specialising in Salsa, Bachata and Dance Fitness Conditioning. Best known for his powerful and dynamic choreography, fast footwork, body movement and flexibility.

Carlos’ wealth of dance knowledge extends beyond Salsa and Bachata, into Jazz, Tango, Ballet and Argentine Folklore, which lends itself to well-rounded training techniques and beautiful choreographies.

Together with his partner Elysia Baker, they are the 2019 Australian Professional Salsa Champions at World Salsa Solo

Elysia Baker

Elysia Baker is current 12 x Australian Latin Champion and recently ranked 2nd in the world in the professional Cha Cha division at the 2018 World Salsa Summit, USA. A former ballet dancer, Elysia transitioned into the Salsa industry over 10 years ago where she has worked her way quickly up the ranks to be recognised as one of the industry's most respected artists. She competes professionally and currently teaches in Melbourne as well as at congresses around Australia and the world. Elysia's wealth of dance knowledge and training in a variety of dance styles (including Salsa, Cha Cha, Ballet, Contemporary and more, lends itself to well-rounded training techniques. Her dance travel lifestyle gives her fresh insight into the ever-evolving world of dance, which she brings back to infuse into her own teaching and training techniques. Elysia's beautiful personality combined with her dynamic choreography, power, body movement and flexibility, forges together to create exciting shows and insightful and fun dance classes.


Brodie Barden

Brodie has been dancing all his life. He began his first lessons at the age of 5. He then began competing at the age of 7 in Perth, Western Australia. He won his first Australian Championship in 2004 in the Juvenile Standard category. Brodie was then able to continue his success as two time Junior Ten Dance Champion and Junior Standard Champion in 2007. 

In 2008 Brodie began to dance with Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka and together they have many achievements. In 2009 they reached 20th place at the World Youth Latin Championship and became the champion one f the Australian Youth Latin and Standard Championships. Over the partnership together they have won more than 14 Australian Championships together in the Amateur category and further success abroad as well. They have reached as high as 7th place on the World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) World Ten Dance Ranking List. 

Brodie and Lana together moved abroad in 2015 to Denmark where they continue to work with their close team of teachers and trainers, which also gives them the possibility of competing with the worlds best on a regular basis. 

Not only do Brodie and Lana enjoy competing around the world, they also enjoy performing shows at various events all over the globe. Brodie is very happy to welcome MyJuju Dance Fever to the team and is proud to be an ambassador for such a comfortable and stylish shoe. 


Lana Skrigic - de Fonseka

Lana, originally born in Bosnia, moved to Sydney, Australia when she was almost 3 years old. She tried different types of dance classes such as jazz, tap, and ballet in both Sydney and later when she moved to Perth, until she discovered the incredible art of ballroom and latin dancing in 2001. This is when it all started. 

Inspired by her mother, her history and watching the Australian championships as part of her Christmas Eve tradition, Lana knew from a young age, that all she ever wanted to be was a dancer. Her subjects in high school all revolved around the performing arts, she majored in drama, dance and took some acting classes outside of school. Like all beginners, Lana started off doing medal classes for a few years until her teachers offered her a try out with her first potential partner and after that, she was hooked. 

After some nice experiences with her previous partners, in 2008 she started dancing with Brodie, who at the time was one of her competitors but also one of her best friends. They achieved some amazing results in Australia with the help of their great coaches and forward to 2015 where they decided to take a big leap to move to Europe to follow their dreams.  Now, 11 years later Brodie and Lana are still chasing their goals, travelling and competing all around the world and trying to work their way up on the international circuit. 

As dancers, Brodie and Lana’s main tools are obviously are their feet! Luckily, thanks to MyJujuDanceFever, they are able to get the support they need through their carefully hand made and specially crafted shoes, showing the beauty of the foot with padded comfort. Thank you to Ben and the team for making our feet look and feel great!  

Jai Sheffield 

Jai Sheffield is a professional Latin Dancer from the Gold Coast Australia, he is a multi Australian champion in Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha. A finalist at the World Latin Dance Cup and placed 3rd in Cha Cha at the World Salsa Summit. Jai won the El Sol Warsaw Stargate soloist competition and is certified by the World Salsa Summit to judge Latin competitions as well as being a Salsanama trainer.

In Recent years, he has taught through the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, Mexico, and Russia. He has travelled to many different countries to learn from some of best in the industry. Jai was trained in Australia by Csaba Szirmai and later by Fernando Sosa and the Antonio and Jasmina Berardi in Italy.

Jai lives between the Gold Coast Australia and Milan Italy working nationally and internationally all year round.

Jai Specialises in lead and follow techniques, musicality and shines. He is a very passionate social dancer and performer.


Nicholas Mountain 

Nicholas started dancing around the age of 10 years old in his home town of Auckland, New Zealand. As Nicholas got older he started to realise his passion for Ballroom and Latin American dancing, quickly climbing the ranks of New Zealand Dancesport shortly to become NZ Champion in every age group and notably NZ Amateur Ballroom Champion. 

Nicholas moved to Sydney in 2017 at the age of 19 to seek more opportunity and work with one the best teachers in Australia, Grant Barratt-Thompson and other great teachers. Nicholas and his dance partner, Stefania were paired up not long after his arrival in Sydney and with in a short amount of time together they have come to achieve: 
- Finalists of all major competitions around Australia in 2018 
- 2018 NZ Youth U21 Champions in all 3 styles 
- 2018 NZ Amateur Ballroom, New Vogue and 10 Dance champions, Latin American finalists 
- 2018 Australian Youth U21 Ballroom and New Vogue Champions, Latin American finalists 
- 2018 Australian 10 Dance Bronze medalists 
Nicholas with his partner Stefania now in the Adult/Amateur category will continue to compete all over Australia and internationally striving to achieve their goals and the highest results possible.  


Stefania Olivieri


Stefania began dancing when she was 5 years old, doing the typical ballet, tap, hip-hop and soon after discovered her passion for Ballroom and Latin American dancing at 12 years old. She has many great achievements in numerous national and international championships:
- Australian Junior Open New Vogue Champion 2013
- Australian Under21 Open New Vogue Champion 2016
- Australian Under21 Open Standard and New Vogue Champion, Latin finalist 2018
- 3rd in Australian Amateur 10 dance
- New Zealand Under21 Standard, Latin and New Vogue Champions 2018
- New Zealand Amateur Standard and New Vogue Champions, Latin finalists 2018
Stefania and her dance partner Nicholas Mountain frequently travel to New Zealand as it is Nicholas’ home town and will now be moving up to the Amateur division to continue to strive for many heights in reaching their goals.


Alan Tenster

Alan has been dancing since the age of 11. He started dancing in group classes for about 6 months until he was introduced into the competitive scene and found his first dance partner. Alan's dear friend and coach is Mr. Matthew Rooke, who he has been working with since 2011. Dancing has taken Alan across the globe and allowed him to take part in some of the most prestigious events. Accoladeshe has obtained in the ballroom section include Multiple time Victorian open champion, Queensland open champion, Crown international Dancesport Champion, 2 times National Amateur Champion, Outside Change Cup champion, Singapore Asia Pacific Open Champion, Taiwan Cup Open Champion and Universal rising star Champion.


Emily Zhang 

Emily began dancing when she was 7 years old and immediately discovered her passion for Ballroom and Latin American dancing. She has won numerous national and international open titles in both Latin and Ballroom, under the guidance of world top coaches. From a young age, Emily achieved outstanding results. She won the Australian Junior Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 13, Australian Youth Under 19 Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 14 and Australian Youth Under 21 Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 15. With great success in the 9 years of her dancing journey, she is now currently competing in the Amateur division (over 21 years) at the age of 16. She is currently a finalist in the Australian Adult Open Standard and the UK Universal Amateur Rising Star Ballroom Champion.
As well as dancing predominantly in Australia, Emily has also travelled overseas to train and compete in the UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Latvia.


Riely Saville

Riely began dancing at just 3 years of age. Starting out as a "Betty Ballerina" she danced with the Gold Coast City Ballet, The Australian Ballet School, the Melbourne Ballet Company & the Ajkun Ballet Theatre (New York) before expanding her horizons and performing for international companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Sea World, Royal Caribbean International, Les Femmes Worldwide, Draculas Cabaret, Kanye West, Luciana + much, much more!

During a trip home to Australia, Riely met West Coast Swing All-Star, Clint Glasgow, who inspired her to give partnered & social dancing a go and she never looked back! After dabbling in WCS, Riely quickly picked up Salsa & Bachata and started attending international festivals & workshops where she discovered Kizomba & Zouk too.

What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a full blown passion for Riely and she loves the challenge of constantly learning new things, finding greater connection and flow as a social dancer and sharing her love & knowledge of dance with others as a teacher for Gold Coast Salsa.

Achievements in Latin Dance so far include performing with the Mosaic Dance Company Pro Team in Singapore, Placing 3rd in Bachata Cabaret @ The Australian Dance Cup and 2nd in Salsa Cabaret @ World Salsa Solo in 2017. And winning 1st place in both Salsa Cabaret & Bachata Cabaret as well as 1st place and best overall team with the Gold Coast Salsa Elite team @ Australian Dance Cup 2018. In 2018 Riely was invited to teach, perform & judge as an Artist @ Bailando Sensual Festival in Sydney as well as being a Kizomba Artist @ Australian Dance Cup.

Riely is also a World Class Marilyn Monroe impersonator, having starred as the blonde bombshell for Universal Studios in Singapore, and now wears My Juju Dance Fever's shoes for all her stage shows & appearances at high end corporate events and festivals such as Cooly Rocks On, VIVA Surfers Paradise & Kitsch in the Swich.